Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Would've Eaten This Cookie Either Way, But Now I'll Feel Slightly Less Guilty. Slightly.

News - A few extra pounds may save your life, according to recent research that more clearly defines the health-differences between the overweight and the obese (as each is defined by BMI).

BMI, of course, gets plenty of flack, some warranted, some not.

To me, the bottom line is of the "come-on, folks" variety. Obese people who champion their weight are irresponsible and do face health risks. The "overweight" category is quite broad in who gets caught in its magic BMI boundaries. Neither Kate Moss, nor Roseanne, are models of health. America Ferrera is probably the best example of someone who doesn't match her profession's standards who gets unfairly saddled with an "overweight" reputation and BMI number who is likely healthier based on the factors discussed in the article. At my lowest BMI, I still crept past the 25 limit line between "normal" and "overweight" - but not by too much, and at that weight neither I, nor my doctor, felt the label would've been appropriately applied.

I'm now - I'll admit since denying it could be easily disproved via photos - within the "overweight" zone according to BMI metrics. And I agree with the label because I know I was healthier at the lower weight. I'm far from obese, however, so at least, if this article relays accurate information, I merely have to worry about issues of self-confidence and self-worth, rather than worries about dying a fat-arsed death.

So that's a good thing.

But people who use this as a platform to rah-rah the truly unhealthy-overweight and obese should be made to shut it. There remain significant health risks for those in the 30+ BMI range - and those in the upper 20s should probably aim to do better, just in case.

Still time for that cookie, though.

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