Tuesday, November 06, 2007

But It's Still Cool To Trade With Them, Right?

Congress lashes out at Yahoo for their part in the jailing of a Chinese journalist. Congressmen accused Yahoo of "complicity with an oppressive communist regime."

But we still trade with them, live off their cheaply produced goods, and can travel there. Thankfully, we're still safe from Cuban influence and culture, however.

(I'm not saying U.S. policy toward either country is incorrect as suck, just howlingly inconsistent. If someone can explain it to me a way that makes sense - and I mean real sense, not government talking point sense - I'll buy him or her dinner.)

There are some amusing parts of the article:

Callahan said at the time [of earlier Congressional hearings] that the Sunnyvale, Calif., Internet giant had no information about the nature of the Chinese government's investigation of Shi when the company turned over information about him.
'Cause the LAST thing I'd think of if a communist government known for putting the kibbosh on democratic activism asked to know what a journlist had been up to is "hmm, maybe some ill may befall him." I mean really, who would have suspected anything bad in complying with the Chinese government's request?

Then again, maybe Yahoo just didn't know the now jailed journalist was a journalist at all.

Maybe they should've googled him.

Anyway, enough snark. Ish. I suppose the article shouldn't bury the very real questions of a U.S.-owned company's foreign branch's authority to disregard what is a lawful legal order in that country. Even so . . . .

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