Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay Alanis, THIS Is Irony

Don't you think?

2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected when state voters recall Governor Gray Davis, an historic event partly motivated (or at least sold by) the increase in vehicle licensing fees triggered by a state deficit.

2007: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger caps a "disappointing regular legislative year by signing into law a bill that increases the vehicle licensing fee.

So let's review: 2003, the VLF increases automatically by function of law. Governor gets bounced from office for being there when the math worked out badly for him on his shift. And now, in 2007, the VLF increases as a result of direct action by the new Governor. How awesome is that? Aren't you just awed by its awesome awesomeness. Doesn't it just tickle all of your political funny bones?

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