Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Many Years Does It Take To Have The Edge? Two? Seriously?

From The Roundup, a quotation I find very amusing:

"Meanwhile, while battles were being waged in the Capitol, GOP consultant Kevin Spillane went over his talking points against the term limits measure with the Bee Capitol Bureau.

"'In reality, over 80 percent of (current) legislators will have their terms significantly lengthened," Spillane said. "If it really was a toughening of term limits, would the politicians be supporting it and funding it? Of course not."

"Spillane also cautioned that if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the term limits measure, 'he actually bargains away his own power' because Núñez and Perata could outlast him in office.

"Every interest group in the state is going to know that," Spillane said. 'Their power will be dramatically increased. His will be diminished. Whereas if (term limits) does not pass ... there will new leaders in both houses. He will be the old man, there will be new kids on the block. It might give Schwarzenegger an upper hand in the final two years of his term.'"
Because the final two years are always the strongest of any executive's. And Schwarzenegger has SO much more experience under the Dome.

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