Sunday, September 16, 2007

Help Me Tina Fey, You're My Only Hope

Enjoying the Emmys? I am. Kinda. One of the highlights of the show - to those of us into that sort of thing - are the clips submitted by the writing staffs of the various late night shows nominated for best writing in a variety, music, or comedy program. I noticed, however, that with the exception of the Colbert Report's and the Daily Show's staff, the staff members on Letterman, Conan, and Real Time were all men. Unless some of the names were of the unisex variety (Chris, Lee/Leigh, etc). Colbert has two, Daily has one.

Guess we just aren't that funny. As a gender.

I hate being that woman too, the "where are all the women" woman. But, sometimes, such observations can't be helped.

So, go 30 Rock. Go Tina Fey. You are my role model for funny. (You and Sanjay.)

Side Note: anyone watching notice during the opening musical number the director's choice to pair the lyric about Isaiah Washington with a shot of T.R. Knight? Eh. It's Fox, whaddya want.

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Unknown said...

I noticed the woman thing too (the only minute of the program that I paid any attention to).

Did you see that they also censored Sally Field when she said that if mothers ruled the world, there wouldn't be any more "goddamned war"?