Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stupid Comment Of The Day Winner

From an article about potential congesstion tolls in SF to replace a dangerous entry to the GG Bridge:

"Doyle Drive needs to be taken care of by the city, not the taxpayers," said Dan LaFever, who regularly uses it to get from Nob Hill to visit the Outer Richmond District. "It's not a bridge. It's not an extension of the bridge. It's not even part of the highway system. It's a road like any other road. A toll on a regular street to pay for its repairs? I think not."
Yes, the City and County of San Francisco should print up extra money to pay for the upgrade. Where does Mr. LaFever think the city gets its money? If he uses it regularly, then he SHOULD be the one paying a bit extra. Or they can spread the costs around all residents and visitors via a local tax increase. Sound better? Oh wait, that's "taxpayers" again too.

What a moron.

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Sisyphus said...

That is a truly amazing quote.