Monday, August 27, 2007

Any Ideas Welcome

Despite years of formal and informal education and experience in government work, I've yet to understand why it is that those who work for the government should make the bare minimum and forfeit the same privacy rights private employees would enjoy.

Is it because people "get to" work for public entities? Should they be grateful? More altruistic? Happy to work at cut rates and more openly than anyone else?

Does it come down to the fundamental paradox that is the American experience? We hold fast to the American dream that all can be rich and privileged - better than their parents - yet the moment someone achieves that, we hate them, distrust them, and seek to get their pay slashed?

Just for the record, speaking as a taxpayer, I do not request any public employees to work at cut-rates just 'cause. And since, public or private, we're market-driven by our wholesome American nature, I'd rather NOT have the bargain basement employee - the ones we can get cheap.

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