Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stupid Claims Lawyers Shouldn't File

MLB Takes Fantasy League to Court:

Attorneys representing Major League Baseball argued Thursday that online fantasy baseball companies cannot operate without paying license fees to MLB to compensate players for the use of their names.

A federal appeals panel of three judges seemed skeptical that MLB could take financial control of a game that uses publicly available statistics and widely known names of players.

"MLB is like a public religion. Everyone knows (the players') names and what they look like," said U.S. Judge Morris Arnold. "This is just part of being an American, isn't it?"

MLB's lawyer Virginia Seitz said online fantasy games exploit players by effectively turning them into game pieces and using their names to draw more customers.

"There's no way of escaping the fact that players' names are on the product," Seitz said.
What if the fantasy players names all used the popular "schm" construct. So instead of drafting Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire, you draft Schmary Schmonds and Schmark Smcguire? Shouldn't you have to add the same to the statistics. Now batting schmreehundred?

Whoops: lawyers should never file clams either. They leave too much sand in the judge's in-box.


Anonymous said...

AH, MLB, attempting to destroy one of the great fan building tools again.

Why can't they look at what fantasy football has done for football and make the economically rational decision?

Anonymous said...

Shmajor Schleague Schmassholes.