Monday, June 04, 2007

Spend, Spend, Spend

Via The Roundup, a story of irony in state politics (as if those are hard to find):

"State spending under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been growing faster than it did under former Gov. Gray Davis, who was ousted in a historic recall election driven mainly by a huge budget gap," writes the U-T's Ed Mendel.

"The new state budget proposed by Schwarzenegger would spend $103.8 billion in the general fund, which pays for most programs – an increase of more than 30 percent since he took office, about the same as the boost under Davis.

"But it took Davis five years to raise spending by about one-third. Schwarzenegger, who was elected in the fall 2003 recall, has done the same thing in four."
I'd laugh more if it all weren't so ignored . . . . .

And speaking of ignored - this is off-topic - I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow this morning at coverage of the weekend's Democratic presidential candidate debate in New Hampshire. Whatever news analyst was discussing the match-up commented that the front-runners, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards (ish, I suppose), managed to hold their own and not let the rest of the back gain any ground.

Um, call me a political journalism cynic, but isn't it the political journalists who determine if anyone in a barely broadcast New Hampshire candidate debate gain any ground? Do you really - really really - think that Clinton/Obama/Edwards performed THAT MUCH better than Dodd, Biden, Richardson, Auntie Maybel, whomever else may have been on the stage but who wasn't a primary variable in the expectation equation?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

The slack-jawed awe with which poljourns wonder at the process makes me wanna boot.

And lastly for today - an immigration update: Because I haven't mentioned it in awhile, and I've received a few congratulatory emails about my fiance receiving his visa. He hasn't yet. The previous "approved" posts responded to approval from the Department of Homeland Security. We're now in Department of State land - where life is far, far better and more swiftly moving. We're still awaiting an interview date - and no I have no prediction for that date, nor his entry to the U.S. I don't speculate. As mentioned in the blurb above, I don't dig on the expectation game - in politics or in my personal life.

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