Monday, June 25, 2007

One More Immigration Story For Today

Ex-SoCal councilwoman could be deported for voting. Can you go through life not knowing you aren't really American? Sure you can. But she broke the law - let's kick her out! Oh wait, she's Cuban, we probably won't, because then the Communists would win!

(Note: I'd have used scare-quotes around the word "really" above, but that would've been anti-S&W. Would be nice if relative American-ness boiled down to paperwork, wouldn't it.)

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Anonymous said...

It does seem like if anyone deserves some discretionary indulgence in enforcement of the law, it should be this councilwoman.

I would not be surprised if she received a pardon from Bush, if she tries to pursue that. I don't think that could make her legal, but it could eliminate the charges related to her voting.