Monday, June 25, 2007

Immi Woes Hit Cali GOP, Promting Nonsensical Reactions, Natch

So I don't get the reactions to the recent, quick resignation of the GOP's COO, an Reep from the land of OZ with history of immigration-related legal troubles.

Well, he WAS from Australia, isn't the whole outlaw thing kinda part of the culture? No? Bad joke? They can't all be winners.

At any rate, the guy gets slammed all over here, but there isn't much clear information yet on the underlying offenses that prompted the Aussie's arrest and deportation order. And he's suing the Feds, which seems to be the greatest sin of all. But if the arrest and deportation orders really WERE wrongly issued, then why would a suit be a sin?

Oh well. Good luck, GOP. This is why you might not want to take such a hardline approach to immigration issues. Lots of people - god-fearing, law-abiding, freedom-lovers - can have trouble with immigration laws. Shocking, isn't it.

There MUST be a lot more to this story.

Let's look for more - and let's ask flasy Fleischman about it: it seems based on his reaction along with others quoted in the Chron article, that the Party's party line will fall on the Aussie's act of concealing information from his employer, regardless of what the nature of that secret is. Fleischman is pissed that the Aussie didn't disclose past arrests or that he was suing the feds. I'm still especially unclear about the latter fact's importance.

Let's take a look at this in hypothetical terms. Say he was arrested mistakenly and the deportation order was improperly issued. There are about 1000 reasons I can imagine for this to occur. And I'm guessing 98% of my readership will never have to think about things like "gee, what could cause someone to get carted-off?" Consider yourself very, very lucky. Anyway - if it was all false (and I've seen nothing either way on the ACTUAL meat of the story) - why would you disclose it to your employer? You wouldn't.

UNLESS, of course, it was material to your employer's interests. There's certainly a strong argument for that here - given the GOP's [ed.'s note: largely unreasonable] take on immigration and their desparate need to be deathly serious about the matter at all costs and in all, all, ALL circumstances, then yeah, even your brush with mistaken law enforcement should be disclosed.

Nice mess for the CRP. I don't mean that in a celebratory way, either. Of course, if the eventual facts help open eyes to the problems with current immigration laws, then great. If they, as they very well might, make them want to hate immigrants even more, then, well, that's all we need, isn't it.

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