Friday, June 08, 2007

Canadian Terrorists Free To Strike Again

The Feds suspended new passport rules requiring the documents for travel - by air - between the US and Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean because of an endless backlog and angered travelers who were having to cancel vacations [because they didn't see it coming].

One wonders how, exactly, this requirement really beefs up national security and remedies what was wrong with pre-9/11 world security measures.

Part of the problem with the backlog? Battle of the Big Brothers part 13453498908 as State and Homeland Security duke it out for who gets to be bitchier toward whom:

Rep. Thomas Reynolds, R-N.Y., whose district lies near the Canadian border, said White House officials had been on Capitol Hill trying to work out a compromise amid what he called a "turf war" between State and Homeland Security.

Reynolds faulted "arrogant" officials for failing to get the system working properly, and said he was worried about even more headaches next year when passports will be required to drive into Canada or Mexico.
By the way, the name of the measure requiring passports strikes me as another bright star in the sky of creepily-named laws: the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Make no mistake about how much of the world we control here, people.

When it comes to border crossings and required documentation, though, we already know that neither Department moves quickly, don't we.

Update: excellent quote -

"We are absolutely thrilled," said Jennifer Wilson, co-president of Valerie Wilson Travel, a $330 million luxury travel agency in Manhattan. "The backlog was too inhibiting."
Inhibiting? I know, laws, like, really blow and stuff, don't they. Especially when they interfere with luxury travel. Funny, when they change immigration laws and procedures, not too much grandfathering allowed there. But if we've learned nothing else this week in America, we've learned that if you have money, your complaints are much better received.

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