Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Things About Which I Could And Should Blog

That giant immigration reform bill would be a start.

It's over 600 pages, though. I heard one talking head claim to have read it all. I call bullshit. I won't say I've read it. Maybe I will, but it's not likely I'll make it through cover-to-cover. Hope someone does!

And in the world of summaries . . . well, take your pick. They vary quite a bit, however. this one says look out for the flood of legal immigrants in the same way they might've said "look out for the flood of illegal immigrants." Amazing how we can't really hear whether "il" is included in front of "legal" anymore, no?

A quick reaction: the points-based system seems like a realllllly bad idea. Anyone else concerned? How well did this work for University of Michigan in building its classes? Are we talking points like Michigan grad or undergrad? The whole thing makes me itch with discomfort.

Second: I'm going to have to look at the family-based immigration changes a bit more. Some reviews say the proposed reform ends chain migration, some say it increases it. Attention is usually paid to the employment side of things (well, only in a "don't take'r'jobs, you brown people!" not in a reasoned-H1B-visa-allocation-discussion kind of way) while family-based issues stick to "no more anchor babies!" territory.

As I type, I realize that there's nothing in US immigration policy discussions that have much to do with non-hyperbole drenched rhetoric and chest beating.

That floods me with hope.

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