Friday, May 11, 2007

Fire Abating, Plenty of Damage Done

Thanks to better weather, the fire seems to be less of a danger to Avalon, though it has still done considerable damage is not out yet.

The LAT breaking news blog, linked above, asks whether goats would've helped. Goats, which were plentiful on the island, have been removed by the thousands in a bid to restore the natural ecosystem. Even more than their several-tons-larger friends, the Bison, the goats were eating the crap out of Catalina, reducing the native plant count to zero for some types.

Of course, goats also control the amount of flammable scrub brush, so maybe they'd have cut the fire risk.

Except, in their heyday, the lived more toward the western edge of the island, past Two Harbors, and were helping it erode into the ocean. At least, that's what I remember learning at CIMI during the great 90s goat crisis years.

The best part of the LAT post about it, however, was their chosen goat visual aid. I don't believe it to be more than a rough approximation of the real deal:

The goats I saw were much less animated.

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