Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 100

I feel like there should be a cake with candles or something.

Today is May 2, 2007. It also marks the passage of 100 days since I received my first notice of action from United State Citizenship and Immigration Services.

I'm past the 2.9 month processing average. Past the initial estimates. Past the point of being reasonable and remaining patient. Yet, what can I do?

The irony, of course, is that my desire to serve the public and remain involved with American government is what necessitates this process and Rob's coming to the U.S. And so what gets in the way? Yeah, annoying, right?

(p.s. I love you all for your supportive comments, but my eyes are not prone to receiving "hang in theres" or "but think of how good it will feel when it's over and he's heres." Because even when I'm through this process, the disparity between processing centers will remain, allowed to continue due to the fatigue of those who make it, and the powerlessness of those who don't. And besides, all I can feel is now. And I feel bad.)

(p.p.s. Anyone high enough in government to do something, if such a person exists, however, is free to contact me. Once he/she is done having a tea party with Harvey.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Alberto Gonzalez or Kyle Sampson told ICE to put your app on ice.

I smell another scandal brewing.

Have you called your congress rep? It's a long shot.

Unknown said...

However, now you know what it feels like to be kicked in the balls day after day. Hang in there. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm being selfish, but I feel like this is an opportunity to see more of you before you run off with Prince Charming and I never see you again. Nothing passes the time like shopping? Let's make a date...

Unknown said...

Would a snuggle from a short, fat, nearly bald guy help? If so, your nephew would love to see you!