Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Girly Man, Girly Car

From this morning's Roundup:

From our It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp Files, Kate Folmar reports, " Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is hooking up with the MTV reality show "Pimp My Ride" for a special Earth Day episode that he hopes will boost the street cred of low-emission cars.

"Typically, the program features everyday people who have their trashed rides tricked out into bling-mobiles with built-in espresso machines or lava lamps. But for this episode, the crew will transform a 1965 Chevy Impala into a clean, green biodiesel machine.

"Efforts to reduce global warming and build a hydrogen highway helped parlay Schwarzenegger to an easy re-election last fall. But putt down the 405 Freeway in a Prius? That's not how the gov rolls.

"The April 22 episode of "Pimp My Ride" will show that "biofuel is not like some wimpy, feminine car, like a hybrid," Schwarzenegger said in the current Newsweek cover article. "Because the muscle guys, they have this thing: `I don't want to be seen in the little feminine car.'"
The little feminine car? Something about this quotation seems wrong to me. Any pushback? Wrist-slapping? Waiting, waiting . . . . .

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Ms. Hazelstein said...

Two somethings about that quotation seem wrong to me:
1) In an attempt to promote hybrid cars, the Governor denounces the most viable and popular option available to people, possibly resulting in half of the population being less inclined to use hybrid cars -- that's obviously counter-productive to his stated goal; and
2) Why does the Governor insist on equating feminine (or girly) with bad? And not just bad, but abhorrent, repulsive, and dare we infer "gay"? Does that mean when I wear a feminine pink blouse under my power suit I'm too wimpy to accomplish anything? Maybe he and Don Imus should go to sensitivity school together.

And a lesson for the Gov, in many parts of California, including the westside of Los Angeles where he lives, many of the "muscle guys" would probably not bristle at being labeled feminine. Some of the muscle guys I know would probably just ask him to stop being such a be-otch and flex for them.