Friday, April 20, 2007

Catch And Release

"New-media culture challenges limits of journalism ethics"

The debate: new media's call for open airing in a world of Web 2.0 access vs. not giving scary murders airtime and victory in death.

The conclusion: release a tiny, edited bit, and then mount high horse of restraint. Tell the world, if you were unlucky enough not to have received Cho's press kit, "We see no reason to continue assaulting the public with these disturbing and demented images. We reserve the right to resume airing them as news warrants." (Ah, Fox, bastion of good taste.)

Yes, keep it away. Filter, edit, compile, and give us a highlights reel.

Because it is far better to limit our exposure to violence to that which is provided for entertainment value, full of guns, scrubbed of realistic bleeding. That way it is fake. Safe. Consequence-free. Don't let the kids lose sleep over the real dangers, but continue to let them believe that guns don't kill people, and in this case, don't show the person that kills people either.

Do your best to wrestle opacity from the jaws of transparency.

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