Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Campus Shootings Draw World Scrutiny'

This article touches on the fundamental difference in the way cultures view firearms, but doesn't get too much more involved than quoting some selected world news outlets and websites.

One of the many reasons I appreciate my fiance is that his being in my life has given me both a reason and a method with which to evaluate my own culture and nationality.

Something that sprang to mind while reading this article: police in Britain don't carry guns. Yes, yes, you see some at airports that do, and clearly, some forces are armed, but beat cops don't. No guns. No guns? Really? I am still baffled by this, because all I can think in response is "but why do the people listen to them?"

If that doesn't make you rethink the validity of some pretty major American mores, I'm not sure what will.

p.s. I think it's important to watch the meta-levels of this story progress. From the earliest hours, commenters on news sites (Chronicle - you should be damned for opening up hard news, blog style, on your news/blog cross over, for it encourages a miasma of misinformed rage, ignorance, and hate) lept at the low-hanging fruit of gun-control battle cries, on both sides of the issue.

And today we learn he was a permanent resident - a green-card holder - from South Korea. Ohhh, goody. Because adding an immigration angle to this story makes it so much more pundit-worthy, doesn't it? Why, the collective stiffy at Fox News alone must be staggering. For so many reasons, I want to crawl under the covers and wait until the next celebrity divorce cleans up the front pages.

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