Thursday, March 22, 2007

Suddenly Back To 2004

With primary season on the horizon (and kinda here already), it doesn't take much to give me that old 2004 feeling again.

But I wish this kind of news wasn't part of it.

I worked with a few people who had been on Elizabeth Edwards's staff during her husband's first presidential bid, who later came over to the Kerry camp. Their respect and admiration for her were telling - and their reaction at her bad news in 2004 was touching and sincere.

I wish her well.

Follow-up: A great column on the public reaction from the San Francisco Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a heartless cag, but does it strike anyone else as a little icky that Edwards finds out his wife is dying from incurable cancer, but forges ahead w/ a presidential campaign anyway? Be with your wife, John, she's dying.

Anonymous said...

She has cancer. Once it is in the bone it is considered "incurable" according to the article linked. That doesn't mean we flashforward to her dying in the next two months or more.

I don't find it icky. Knowing what I know about the Edwardses - which is, granted, not a ton, but enough via those who do - this is in keeping with their character.

I won't judge what they do with their marriage. They know their limits - they are a family that has faced some really dark times before.

Anonymous said...

So does that mean you think I'm a heartless cad?

Anonymous said...

No, I think you think Edwards is a heartless cad. I think you're having a normal reaction for someone not directly confronted with the problem himself.

Anonymous said...

if her skin was falling off and death was imminent, yeah, perhaps then it would be icky. I'm sure if that turned out to be the case, like he said, he'd be there for her.

good for the edwards family.

doughnut70 said...

No offense intended, but I am amazed at people (some professional columnists have written the same thing as Rob) who seem to think the Edwards family should just simply stop living because of this news. We all pass away eventually and in the end we are judged by what we did with the time we have.

Elizabeth Edwards is choosing to spend her time doing something she has always made clear she regarded as very important. That is helping her husband advance the political causes they both believe in.

I think if Senator Edwards had dropped out as some in the media had suggested that he might, that his wife would have been beating herself up and feeling responsible for him not becoming President and I think she regards the whole election as important enough that she is glad she can help in any way possible and is determined not to let this illness slow her down and I think having a wife that cares that much says a lot about the kind of person John Edwards is.