Monday, February 26, 2007

Yes, And?

Director defends Jesus tomb findings - Today Entertainment -

Instead of being too lazy to change the pre-formed link, this time, I think the link speaks to NBC's views of (or maybe it's lawyers'/sponsors'/standards and practices' views of) the story.

Entertainment, eh?

In short - this story on the Today Show this morning (pimping a book and a movie and a press conference) asserts that tombs of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and a brother of and son of Jesus have been uncovered near Jerusalem. Or more accurately, were discovered nearly 30 years ago, but are now being linked to the Holy Family based on statistical probabilities of finding that specific combination of names in that place. I haven't seen the documentary or read the book yet, but so far, seems a narratively compelling, but scientifically weak proposition.

But let's say it is true. Let's say Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children. Let's say Jesus had siblings born of Mary and Joseph after his birth. Let's say there's bones in that box labeled Jesus.

So what.

Does his having a family harm your spirituality? If someone starts using science to hammer away at the resurrection part of Christian beliefs, what happens? Anarchy in the streets? Mass conversions to Judaism? (If Jesus lived, but didn't rise from the dead, then he's probably back to prophet status, which fits Jewish beliefs, right?)

What purpose does it serve? Pulling the veil from the eyes of millions stuck believing in foolish old stories? If that's the motivation, do you feel better? Should they feel better? More harm than good? Do you think chipping away at two thousand years of faith is going to end well?

I think it's going to end like that one time Geraldo opened Al Capone's safe or whatever.

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