Thursday, February 01, 2007

So, He's Not Gay, Then, Right?

AIDE QUITS AS NEWSOM'S AFFAIR WITH HIS WIFE IS REVEALED / Campaign manager confronts mayor, who is 'in shock'

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! But wait, why is the sky falling?

Is it possible that political golden boy and San Franciscan Gavin Newsom could fall because of . . . a completely mundane, average, middle-American infidelity scandal? Whaaaaa?!? In San Francisco? Not a same-sex affair? Not something involving indiscretions at Burning Man? Not something more, I don't know, more Bay Area?

Quote of the day comes from, surprisingly, someone other than Chris Daly:

Jack Davis, a political consultant who helped elect Brown and former Mayor Frank Jordan and was looking for someone to challenge Newsom, said, "There is nothing new in that story that I haven't been aware of for the last six months. Now that it's public and out there, Gavin ought to resign and seek psychiatric help."
Resign and seek psychiatric help? For what? Yeah, he messed up, but he doesn't need a shrink or a prescription to figure that out.

There's a peculiar elegance in the possibility of Newsom perhaps derailing because of an average extra-marital affair. See, I told you San Francisco wasn't that far from the same Puritanical roots as the rest of the country. Is the city somewhat absolved of its queer-friendliness if the mayor is disgraced under such normal circumstances? Is this the ultimate San Francisco-ness: a city so down its own rabbit whole it reconnects to the rest of the country and thus rehabilitates the San Francisco values image by being the same kind of marriage-unfriendly as, say, the Midwest?

See THIS is the kind of family values problem that Americans can look up to. Not that gay marriage nonsense. Nay, that drives us apart from the mean. Let's get back to our roots. Cheating husbands! Cheating wives! Divorce!

And all is right with the world again. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Funny POV, Pho. I love it.

Still, I feel conflicted. I really don't care about politicians having affairs or even-gasp-drinking on a Friday night (since when does the City Charter say the Mayor can't drink when he's off the clock?). But I do find it a bit troublesome that he 1) slept with a subordinate and 2) deceived a friend who also was a subordinate. Generally, I don't care if he's siddling up to half the city (and I know a lot of women who'd happily volunteer), but I do think that this particular lapse of judgement says something uncomfortable about his character.

On balance, however, I continue to believe in the abilities of the Mayor and remain inspired by him.

Anonymous said...

Anne Williams- Yeah, but this is no ordinary cheating! This is "I am so hot and rich and powerful that I could have literally any woman on the face of the planet, but I choose to bed the smokin' hot wife of my sort of dorky, but most loyal lieutenant." And THAT makes it not so strange that someone would say he needs psychological help, because he's clearly got some issues. He cheated with: 1) best friend's wife, 2) chief of staff/campaign manager's wife, 3) employee on city payroll, and, for a kicker, 4) fresh faced new mom, all in 1 go! I have $20 that says he goes into some sort of rehab within the next year- it's all the rage, you know! (CD- can you tell I'm studying for the NY bar right now? LOVE me some distraction)

Anonymous said...

Bar study - no! no! Save yourself!

You're right - all those things make this an especially juicy story. Oh the irony! Oh the badness of the badness.

And yet - all those reasons why he shouldn't have slept with THAT woman are why he slept with THAT woman.

Propinquity is a nasty, nasty bitch.

Takes two to tango, though. Oh, but wait, she was already IN rehab - and that's how the truth came to light, right?

They both suck major ass. I just would rather not spend however long dwelling on it because I think as much as the character does count, a lack thereof in certain respects doesn't render one incapable of serving the public good. It just doesn't.

Especially not in a city with a relatively empowered board of supes.