Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A More Sensible Approach Than Banning Anything

Senator Carole Migden has proposed all restaurants clearly post relevant calorie counts in "plain view."

Makes more sense than the trans-fat bans proposed here and implemented in at least a few cities in the U.S.

I think an even more common sensical approach is to require fast-food restaurants (which, thanks to my Youth & Government kids, I now know has a legal definition. No really, fast-food has been codified) to print nutritional information on burger wrappers and fry boxes. Some do. It's a great first step.

Another regulation I wouldn't mind seeing: honest serving size labels. If the cookie is sold as one complete peace, don't label it as having 350 calories per serving if one cookie equals 2 and 1/2 servings. Can we all agree that's just a lame practice?

And speaking of serving sizes: Chipotle - the McDonalds of burritos, no really - makes their nutritional information available online (with some digging), but lists the values for individual components of their burritos, bols, and whatnot. That's fine - I can add - but I have little choice but to trust the accuracy of whoever makes my burrito bol that day. I'm not saying they aren't accurate - but a lot rides on their heavy-handedness. Like how heavy my hands become. And my feet. And my stomach. And . . . .

This completes my food rant of the week.

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