Monday, February 05, 2007

More Biting Bites From The Governor. Or Not.

Look, there's more gubernatorial soundbites that kinda sound bad but don't really damage anything.

And 15 paragraphs into the story covering the new audio files, confirmation of what the rest of us had been saying for months:

A California Highway Patrol investigation into the downloading of the conversations concluded that no crime was committed when aides for Angelides accessed an embarrassing tape of Schwarzenegger from the governor's Web site and leaked it to the press.

Investigators found that the governor's office lacked basic computer security barriers to prevent the public from browsing areas meant to be private.

The five-month review, which was made public on Friday, vindicated the Angelides camp, which had been accused by Schwarzenegger's campaign of possible criminal violations.
So, in closing, what wasn't a story continues not to be a story about no crime committed by no staffer. Phew. Thank goodness it was worth all the ink.

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