Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Geographic, Not A Partisan Issue

This story isn't about a clash of parties. It is yet another example of the subtle, anti-western sentiment that prevails in American government, media, and politics.

Must be nice to live within just a few hours of Washington, DC - but for the rest of us, and our representatives, the luxury of direct flights isn't an option? The woman needs a bigger plan that can make it from SF to DC without stopping. Hardly a impractical request. It takes long enough to get across the country as it is - more taxpayer money would be wasted if Pelosi had to stop to refuel along the way.


Anonymous said...

Though I think this whole plane debate is largely irrelevant, it is worth pointing out that there are smaller planes that the Air Force has that can make it to SF without refueling than the one she requested. Also, the DoD is trying to follow the US code, which limits what these military planes can do.u

Anonymous said...

if you point that out, you also need to point out that the 757 military equivalent about which reeps are crying foul is but ONE of the options available. she inquired generally and was also looking at the mil equivalent of a 737 - which is hardly a luxury liner. reeps say she should have no problem stopping to refuel. but it wasn't really a question with in-range hastert, was it?

this story is perhaps the best example i can think of in recent years where both sides - esp reeps in this case - are cherry picking facts for the express purpose of f-ing with the other side via compliant and lazy media.