Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Facetious Is My Baby's Name

Did anyone catch The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central this week?

What did you think? Is Miss Silverman the lost love child of Gilda Radner and Adam Sandler, as raised by a traveling theatrical family known as The Aristocrats?

Or is she a one-joke pony who gets a ton of credit because she proves pretty girls can be crude and mildly amusing too?

I can't decide yet. I wasn't awed by her first show. Tim Goodman's review highlighted Silverman's somewhat baffling comedic sensibility. Am I not getting it or is there nothing to get? With the exception of the subject line of the post which, when uttered by a particularly stereotyped jail inmate in the premiere episode, made me laugh out loud, I wasn't that entertained.

Oh, and Mom, Dad, trust me, it's not your kind of humor. At all. I'm not even sure it's mine. It's either crude, ironic, post-ironic, post-post-ironic, or just unfunny. Only time and the general consensus of paid reviewers will tell.

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redneck muppet said...

Even if she's a one-joke pony...it's a funny joke.