Thursday, February 08, 2007

'Edwards' [sic] Bloggers Regret Critical Posts'

Harkening back to previous discussions on whether anyone can reasonably expect candid blogging from political campaigns or politically employed bloggers, this story on Edwards's bloggers previous posting content, before they were hired to blog for his campaign.

I'm guessing - based on pure conjecture - that I would post content critical of The Catholic League because, I'm guessing, they aren't focused on the kinds of things I'd prefer my church to focus on. And I'm Catholic. And I hate Catholics who give fodder to the haters out there (of which there are many - oh, and of the many, most are the first to try to gain Catholic voter support by playing to single, sexy issues like abortion whilst questioning their true Christianity behind their backs).

Don't mind me - I'm having some issues with my church right now. Well, no, actually, I'm not. Maybe. Kinda. More on that later. Of course, I'll always have issues with the footballing of free speech rights and what is born of them. Kudos to Edwards - so far - for not firing the bloggers.

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