Monday, January 29, 2007

Why People Are Afraid Of Their Government

Last year, the implementation (or lack thereof) of the IMBRA added months to nearly 10,000 couples trying to process K-1 Fiance Visas. This year, a new federal law has pulled the rug out from married filers living abroad who previously had the advantage of Direct Consular Filing. Well, DCF is no more:

In any case in which a post has already accepted an I-130 from a petitioner but has not yet issued a visa, post must forward the petition to the appropriate USCIS overseas office as "not clearly approvable." We are working with USCIS and will provide subsequent guidance on processing I-600 petitions and previously approved I-130 petitions. CA recognizes that this change may cause difficulties and encourages posts to advise their resident American citizen communities that new procedures are in place so that they may plan ahead. End Summary.
For novice immigration lawyers out there, this means that people so far along in the process they already had interviews scheduled (interview = ability to count the days to reunification on two hands max, in most cases), have had their interviews cancelled and their applications forwarded back to the US and to - say it isn't so - the Department of Homeland Security. I can only imagine the heartbreak.

Of course, there's no clear answer on how this new law, the Adam Walsh Protection Act, really translates for all cases in all countries. Maybe some consulates will still allow for direct filing. Maybe some won't. The one certainty: full-employment for immigration attorneys.

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