Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Are We Still Bowing To The Demands Of Nebraska, Again?

It's like the West Wing debates, right? Where is he on ethanol subsidies?

For one, I'm tired of the politically driven corn craze. It's expensive and doesn't solve the bigger problems. If you need a diesel powered tractor and other polluting energy to get energy from corn, is it worth it?

No, of course not. But got forbid we anger the Cornhusker State.

And I love Nebraska. But this is a foolish ploy that fixes nothing and gives Bush bogus credit.

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jvgordon said...

If we can create technology that uses the corn husks and stems, along with say, switchgrass, then ethanol immediately becomes a more economical (both financially and energy-wise) policy. But until Dow or some other entity can figure out how to do that, you are probably right.

BTW, I saw elsewhere that ethanol demand has driven up the price of corn tortillas in Mexico by 14%, making it difficult for poor Mexicans to eat.