Monday, January 29, 2007

'This Is HUGE'

Everything I needed to know I learned from The Daily Show: a report on Fox News reporting that Obama attended a Muslim school or received some sort of Muslim instruction when he was a kid. CNN explored and uncovered an average coeducational grade school in Indonesia.

While we're uncovering things - why don't I just admit right now that when I was in the sixth grade (that's age 12 or so for my UK readers), I willingly sat through and participated in Arshad's mom's presentation on Islam. Yes, for 4 days during our history hour, we were taught about Islam and Muslim cultural traditions. As if there weren't already enough skeletons in my political closet. Woe is me.

Fox News makes me feel dirty for being American.

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Anonymous said...

no wonder immigration folks are hassling you.

woe is our country.