Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fightin' Words For Lager Louts

And others.

This morning I mistakenly watched part of the Today Show, especially painful this week as it looks back on its rich history - its Barbara Walters and Jane Pauley years - with Meredith sitting inelegantly at the table. For a few days I thought she might surprise me, but no, no, she's really awful.

I should say too, this post was better the first time I wrote it, before a downed WiFi ate it. I digress.

Today, Mer interviewed Madonna. Big star. Smallllll interviewer. Madonna endured uneven pacing, insipid, pointless questions with the kind of tired, patient ire only a diva of her caliber could hint at without losing public support. She seemed at turns baffled and bemused at the questions. But then she said something that lost her all the points I'd given her for having to sit through the interview. While answering a truly stupid question about whether she was hounded by the press in gossip-obsessed London, Madonna explained the fascination by putting it in context. Sort of. It's a small country, she explained "with one city . . ."

Now, I adore London, make no mistake - but as a part-time, or at least honorary, resident of another, existing English town, I must object. As would, I'm guessing, residents of Sheffield, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Madonna's an American, and a single-minded one at that. One project at a time, you know. One city. Don't ask her to be polite. She's too rich for that.