Thursday, January 18, 2007


An enthusiastic Phoblog endorsement for The Office. I didn't think they could do - but over this season (starting last season), they've hit their stride, found their pacing, and become, in a word, brilliant.

Nothing better exemplifies this subtle perfection than tonight's episode in which - spoiler alert - Michael rescuse Dwight from Staples. He storms purposefully into the store and all I could think was - please play "Love lift us up where we belong."

And they did. Quietly. Muzakly. In the background. But there it was.


And: Note to Scrubs - the musical was cool and you did it well enough, but for anyone who has seen "Once More With Feeling" (I don't have to name the show if you recognize that episode title), well, sorry, it just wasn't that great. Remember that episode when you switched to a traditional 4-camera format? THAT was genius. The Scoobies beat you to the punch on the song-and-dance. Bummer.

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Anonymous said...

If no one was allowed to do things that Joss Weadon did earlier and better, there'd be no television, except maybe Al-Jazeera and COPS.