Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cry Me A Red-State River

The Chron reports: After majority rams through 'Six for '06' bills, Republicans are exasperated and angry

Well boo-freakin-hoo.

I got 4 numbers for you:


For my non-American readers, note that "rammed through important legislation" means "had the requisite number of votes to pass a proposal and did so."


jvgordon said...

I don't begrudge the Dems their recent legislative push in the House. That's the way the House is supposed to work.

I can't figure out why the Senate is being so reticent to pass the ethics reforms of the House, though, except for that it takes away their own personal benefits. And yes, the Reps should have passed similar legislation awhile back.

Anonymous said...

This seems to me to be a good example of how the GOP gets all of their members/talking heads on one message for the week and attempt to create outrage. They are creating a story out of nothing more than a successfully executed play from their own playbook. But its a big story because they're all screaming about the same thing. I wish we did that a little better. Perhaps this week we could all scream outrage over Gonzalez' interpretations of the Constitution, or Bush's ouright dismissal of major energy corportations begging for an emissions cap and trade system, or Bush's inability to change startegies in Iraq. . . but wait, the list goes on and on!

Maybe the problem is there are just so many genuine opportunities to express our outrage, that it is too hard to choose just one!