Friday, December 15, 2006

What's Fair For The Goose Costs The Gander $320+

So, as we've learned this week, Iceland has some crazy naming processes - including, by the way, a prohibition on native born citizens taking their spouses name. A prohibition!

Of course, views on marital name-changing in America are considerably different. Don't take your husband's name? Have a nice holiday dinner discussing that one. Take your husband's name and no one will care except your feminist friends and maybe your inner roaring woman.

But what if hubby wants to take your name? In California, women simply fill out the marriage certificate with hubby's name. Men? You're going to court, dude, and publishing your intended name change, and explaining to a judge why doing so doesn't make you an emasculated pansy. I think this deserves some legal action, don't you? Cue the ACLU.

Six states allow men to take women's names the same as women take men's names in marriage. Rather shockingly, we ain't one of 'em. Paging the California State Legislature. . . .


doughnut70 said...

I don't remember the country, but a few years ago I read a magazine article about a European country (I believe it was Switzerland) that has a government commission set up where neighbors can report children with bizarre sounding names that might get them teased when they get older and the commission can order the name to be changed. Talk about big brother.

Anonymous said...

the earlier post noted that iceland has a names commission that must approve first-time first names in iceland to ensure they comport with grammatical standards (ie: can be conjugated correctly; icelandic nouns are conjugated).

i think that's kinda cool.