Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Catch A Killer, A Catchy Name

So maybe you've heard about bodies recently turning up in eastern England. Well, it so happens that "eastern England" in this case is Rob's hometown of Ipswich. Or, even more precisely defined: bodies have turned up in his village of Copdock and in various other villages and towns that I've either been to or through in my travels.


There seem to be two monikers duking it out in headlines: The Ipswich Ripper vs. The Suffolk Strangler. (Ipswich is Suffolk's county town - like the seat of Suffolk county government.) Since I haven't read any mention of ripping, the strangler name, and its alliterative pairing with Suffolk makes more sense. Yet in the perverse, celebrity-seeking UK, I'm wondering if some Ipswichians aren't a bit disappointed to think of this dubious claim to fame credited to the whole county.

The girls, all prostitutes supposedly, disppeared from Ipswich's red light district. I had no idea there was such an area in Ipswich. I've wandered around most of the town center - er, centre - and it just isn't that big. Rob said it's located by the football stadium - which was also near-enough to my gym. I still find it baffling. I don't think "England" when I hear the term "red light district." Who knew.

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