Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Look Out, Statesmen In The Room

That was a truly remarkable press conference from the Iraq Study Group. Did you see it.

Which is the more likely headline:

Our ship of state has hit rough waters.

A new diplomatic offensive.

Watching the presentation, I couldn't help but wonder at the dignity of the process, the statesmanship of the group's chairs. With every journo's question answered, I got the feeling the underlying message was a clear: "it's time to be grown-ups now. We will talk with our enemies. Enough is enough. It's not that we disdain you or your work, we just no longer have time for it."

White House reaction should be interesting - as well as the inaction, which is sure to follow. Regardless, for a brief moment this morning, Washington was hushed by honesty. Things are bad. Here are some suggestions for making them better. But make no mistake, many things beyond our control could make this report irrelevant. And most importantly, even if everything remains the same, it may be too late.

We've broken a country. It's nice to admit it.

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