Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gloden Globe Nominations

Leonardo gets two in the same category, as does Clint Eastwood, in the list of nominations for the 64th annual Golden Globe Awards.

But Borat doesn't deserve a Best Comedy nod.

As for TV: HBO's Big Love gets a chance at best drama, along with Grey's, 24, Lost, and the only worthy contender, Heroes. While Love is conceptually edgy, it never really gets anywhere - and its mixed messaging isn't a mark of contentious drama, it's a mark of immobilized writers.


jvgordon said...

I am surprised that you like Heroes over 24, though both are good in quite different ways.

Anonymous said...

I don't dislike 24, I've just never gotten into it. My previous roomie was nuts over it. I watched a few episodes and they were good. But you have to commit to it. I suppose Heroes is a bit of the same. Perhaps I just like the fantasy element of the show. Supposed real life dramas can get me down at times.

Plus Heroes has more of a sense of humor about it. I suppose I shouldn't judge 24 on a limited data sample - but it seems to take itself WAY seriously.