Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ahoy! Maritime Post Ahead

From the Chron, a story about a couple of Ferries that mysteriously turned up in the Carquinez Strait in November. Fitting, since it was just over a year ago that I wrapped up my law school days with my Maritime Law exam.

There's a sort of exquisite sadness in abandoned ships, moored hopelessly to old pilings; romantic, like the mothball fleet just a bit up-stream.


neotokyotimes said...

Happy Birthday!!!!1!!1!

neotokyotimes said...

(It's your birthday already where I am...)

Anonymous said...

Are you in the future! Oh my god! Colin's in the future!

(Just giving you a hard time - but you're very close, so I thank you for the good wishes. My birthday is the 23d, which is this Saturday. I get to be on an airplane for part of it and I can't wait! I LOVE AIRPLANES.)