Friday, November 03, 2006

Three Warm Up Questions

1.) Will the Democrats take back Congress?

2.) If so (or for the purposes of this question, at least the House) will Nancy Pelosi really get to be Speaker?

3.) For how long?


Anonymous said...

1.) No
2.) Hahahahaha.
3.) One month, tops.

Of course I really, really hope I just accidently OD-ed on cynicpills this morning.

jvgordon said...

No, House only.
Yes (sadly).
Two years.

doughnut70 said...

1. I think so, but it will be a close call.

2. If they make it, of course she will.

3. If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker, she will hold the job for life.

It really is hard to change which party runs the house and a lot of the leadership changes in past years have had more to do with Speakers who were strict partisans and who did not pay enough attention to the mundane business of running the house (things like making sure emergency grants were filled in a timely manner for example) and also not paying enough attention to voters who lived in districts which were in play.

Nancy Pelosi is not like that. She is not a political genius, but she is very hard working and she also keeps her ear very close to the ground, much closer than any of the Democratic Speakers in my lifetime and given the natural positive bump that will happen when people become comfortable with having a woman in that powerful position, I would bet a lot of money that she would hold the Speakership for as long as she wants it if Democrats win control this year, which is a part of why I am so nervous about Tuesday's election. Having been out of power for a while means the victory will mean more if it happens now than if we only get part way and then win it two years from now. Winning this year will give Pelosi dramatically more power to keep discipline within her caucus for the next few years when she will really need it.

Anonymous said...

1) Hell no. Not even the House. GOP will stay in charge by 1.

2) N/A

3) She'll be out as leader soon regardless (thank goodness).