Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Stag Update: No Squeaking Here

A big Phoblog round of applause to fellow CMC and 100% vote-getter Jake Zimmerman for a big win in his Missouri State Representative win. Without strong ballot draws like Jake, Claire McCaskill couldn't have won.

On behalf of Democratic Stags and Athenas everywhere, thanks and congratulations. Now get out there and represent good.

To think we knew you when . . .

In other Stag news: Hard to decipher the accrate results from Iowa's currently posted pdf files. I think Tyler Olson - my frosh year R.A. and all-around rockstar - is winning. I really can't tell. I also can't tell how old their Secretary of State is - but he looks about 12. Those crazy corn-fed Iowans.

Last aside of the evening: There is little more fun for wonks than East Coast based election night punditry when the talking heads are exhausted, punchy, and at their funniest. Interesting tidbit: Pelosi hates Harman - so perhaps Jane should start selecting House Intelligence Committee staff quite yet . . . .

Lastly: While I absolutely could not be prouder of my CMC brothers for running for and winning public office, I look forward as well to the day when I can post The Athena Update. Unless I'm missing someone. Am I missing someone? Don't think so. Someday. I hope someday soon.


Anonymous said...

Way to Go you Dems.
Now to give the House a Springclean

Anonymous said...

How about this one, Christiana, Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) took Jim Kolbe's old Congressional seat on Tuesday. She is the first Scripps woman ever to be elected to Congress! Go Gabrielle!