Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Senator Schwarzenegger?

Dan Walters opines on the probability of a Schwarzenegger Senatorial bid - either in 2010 against Boxer, or 2012 in a potentially vacant seat, should a then-79 year old DiFi retire.

The day after the election, Professor Pitney commented that a top-of-the-marquee Schwarzenegger may not take kindly to back-benching it as the junior Senator from California. Of course, whether he'd stay on that rightful back-bench is a good question.

There isn't much new material in the Walters column (is there ever?), but the question will certainly loom large in front of pundits for the next 4 years. One wonders if Maria - who usually gives a "I do this begrudgingly" vibe - could put her foot down on moving on to federal politics.

Walters brings up the presidential question, of course, and calls the constitutional barrier for naturalized citizens "unjust" (he hedges, but that's what he's saying). There's a lot of unanswered questions about citizenship and presidential bids, of course. Americans born abroad still have a shot - or at least a presumptive shot, since there's no precedential case law on the matter. Schwarzenegger didn't start as an American, obviously, so there's not much question around him.

But wouldn't you love to see the stagecraft that comes with a presidential budget? Would he remake "Air Force One" as a reality show?

Glad we'll never find out.

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