Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Post On The Five Senses

This one is a pointless space-filler of a post. Come back later if you want something more political.

What I'm seeing: tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser. Granted, I am watching it with a mug of tea and some full-fat pumpkin bread (that would be sense 2, what I'm tasting), but whatever, it's damn good. This is one reality show that, for the most part, I can support. Getting this country off its collective lazy ass is great. But then you have girls like what's-her-bucket (I could rewind, but it's not really the point) crying about working out for 7 days and losing only 2 pounds.

Yeah, that would actually be what a doctor would recommend you lose in order to lose it healthfully and permanently. Especially for women.

But this week's episode - in which the challenge required contestants to run around a race track with their equivalent lost weight on their backs - reminded me of my sole visit to a Weight Watchers meeting. The instructor (leader? whatever) had brought in bags - literally bags - of faux fat. She had everyone in the room pass the 10 pound bag around. It was astonishing to think of one of those bags having previously been stuck to my ass, let alone 6 of them. It's a wonder I could move at all. I'm not tooting my own horn. I've since picked back up one of those bags (okay, okay, one and a bit). But it's worth noting that it was an effictive motivator. I've often heard you should carry a 5 pound bag of flour around the market with you while you shop, to remind you to shop healthy. I think that's a good idea.

What I'm touching: the heavy stock paper on which my diplomas are printed, as well as the thinner parchment of my Bar certificate as I slip them into newly acquired frames. Professional framing seems so . . . I don't know, overly complicated? I'm not sure if spending what I've spent on an education means I should kick in the extra few hundred dollars to have them super-framed, or that I should quit while I'm ahead and go with the Target frames I bought this evening. Still dropped some cash on these - and they're more my style right now. See that's the other thing - I'm currently changing from a cherry girl to a walnut girl. Who knows what I'll be in another 5 years. Why tie myself to one wood?

What I'm smelling: a Method spiced pear scented candle (also from Target). Okay, so "smelling" is a bit of an overstatment. I'm sure there is scent coming from the candle, but since I cannot breathe out of my nose right now, I can't confirm it.

What I'm hearing: the sound of my external hard drive as it whirrs away next to me. Happily, I have figured out how to redirect my iTunes so it can figure out where I stashed the goods. Unhappily, I can't find my iPod to see whether this fix will make the computer recognize it again. The question now: do I unwrap and commit to the shuffle I impulse bought last Friday and see if I can get THAT to work in time for this weekend's race, or do I give it up and move on and hope I find the iPod at the office tomorrow? (By the way, the office computer couldn't find the iPod either - perhaps more is wrong with it than the misplaced files. Frankly, why did I even get another damn iPod? They aren't really all they're cracked up to be. There are a bunch of other tiny mp3 players. Oh, right, I bought a bunch of iTunes crap so I'm stuck unless I apply various work-arounds, etc. Blah).

Ramble over.

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Anonymous said...

If, like me, you have already "de-authorised all" in Itunes once this year, maybe because I re-installed Windows once too often on one of my four legit., pc's here -then "sorry you'll have to wait 'till March 2007" before APPLE will grant you another chance to hear the music you thought you had already paid for. Vinyl was never like this.