Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let The Games Begin

With polls closed in the EST polls closed and CST closing, the punditry has begun. After a day spent traveling for work, my willingness to motivate and get out to any of this evening's parties. Of course, the biggest party tonight probably won't be Angelides's Sheraton Grand shindig, but rather will take place elsewhere - god willing, wherever Nancy Pelosi is. Too soon to tell . . . News from the east so far is good.

If I let myself watch too much of the news coverage so far, I know I won't make it to Italian class this evening. I won't do much of anything else. That Blue-State-Eyed Monster will take over . . . .

No Election Night has been the same since that night in 2000 when life on a politically charged campus stopped for days and then slogged along until a winner was chosen by the courts. Then there was Election Night in 2004 - eyes blurred, fingers numb, stabbing Hawaiian phone numbers into my cell phone, regretful only that I hadn't urged a friend to decry the wide-spread exit poll results that went against everything we'd watched for the 3 years prior.

Or maybe it started that morning-after in 1994 when I sat down to breakfast watching my mom read the paper and repeat "what happened?" over and over again.

Problem is - our whole party has spent 12 years saying "what happened?" without really seeking - or more to the point, without accepting the answers.

Does it change tonight? And if it does - what will that change itself change?

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