Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hansel, Gretel Unavailable For Comment

I don't even know where to go with this gem from this morning's Roundup, but feel free to write your own jokes and leave them in the comments section:

And you thought Bill Lockyer had bad taste in art. A hardware store in Ohio is getting some heat for its display of gingerbread Nazis.

"Charlie Palmer covered the gingerbread men during the weekend and said he wanted them out by of his business by Tuesday."

"'He's gone way overboard this time,' Palmer said of artist Keith McGuckin. 'A few of his other displays were on the edge, but never that crazy.'"

"McGuckin said he chose the subject to provoke thought, not to offend."

"'I can differentiate between real Nazis and that the atrocities they performed compared to these little gingerbread men, but I guess some people can't,' said McGuckin, 50."

"Palmer left one of McGuckin's displays uncovered: a depiction of a suicidal snowman sitting under a hairdryer.""


Anonymous said...

I can't find any photos of the Nazi G-Men, but his caroler-bashing snowman is well-executed, if obviously twisted. I don't know why this stuff is so shocking in these days of South Park and Freak Show and art shows comprised of skinless corpses, but I'm not sure he's the guy I'd hire to do my windows if I wanted to sell Christmas merchandise. A hardware store may be a little safer, but still...maybe a tattoo parlor or a movie theatre. And I wouldn't want to have to explain to kids why Frosty bashed that kid with a sap.

What does bother me is the way he decribes his own work as "kind of pretty". His tendency to portray himself as the Martha Stewart of morbid window dressing is disturbing. McGuckin is clever, artistic, twisted and creepy, not unlike Stephen King. I think I'd lock my doors, bolt my windows, and keep my shotgun loaded if he lived next door, but what he does is art and he shouldn't be sensored.

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Anonymous said...

photo here.