Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guess Who Gets To Vote Tomorrow?

It's meeee, It's meeeee.

Yes, my lovely absentee ballot arrived today - with it's oddly microsoftian flying mailbox (cousin to a toaster, I presume) and soothing lavender return envelope. Now I get to spend some time preparing the little ballot book before I ink my way to . . . well, can't say relevance until we see the results, can we.

By the way, I've received a few emails asking if I'll be posting any recommendations or "endorsements" before next Tuesday. Basically, no. You'll muddle through without me. Besides, there isn't much you couldn't guess on your own. You know I'm a Democrat. You know I'm a woman. What ever you deduce from those facts is beyond my control. If you want anything jucier, well, you probably wouldn't get it anyway.

A word on propositions though - 3 words: Just say no.

And now for something completely different: So, Veronica, what's up? I know lots of girls may slip up and have a dumb-as-rocks phase when they start college - but you aren't being dumb, just out of character. You blame Weevil like right away for that hold-up? And now we can look forward to some trumpted up relationship drama (okay, that can be completely ridiculous and let totally realistic, I realize). But you're just not yourself this season. Better one-liners this week, but overall, you're just getting sloppy. Shape up.

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