Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dumbest Analogy Of The Evening

Chris Matthews regarding an Incumbent R's loss: you flip a coin enough times, it's going to come up tails eventually.

No, no actually this has nothing to do with random probability.

Though, there's plenty of random tonight: like the results for New York's fightin' 19th where "Still the One" singer John Hall beat the incumbent R. Wasn't he a challenger we got to "Better Know" on the Colbert Report? I can bet that Colbert will do a run down of which of his willing challengers won. Maybe he can swing races. He can get bridges and mascots named - so why not get some congressmen in as well.

A "blowout of epic proportion" is what some are calling our sizeable wins in the House. At this point we've more than doubled what we needed to win to take back the House.

That feels pretty good.

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