Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Best Map Ever

Okay, I know it's going to change, but just to save it for posterity, can we give a shout out to Alpine County for sticking with Phil? (Technically, there's a green dot on SF as well, but like that's news).

Sacramento local news is great for election coverage, of course - homefield advantage and whatnot. It's fun to scan the crowds at various parties for familiar faces. If not for a long day on the road, I'd have rallied - and it does feel a bit wrong to be home rather than with my brethren.

To be clear, I'm not glad Phil lost. Far from it. What I am, however, is completely unsurprised. Slightly more surprising, perhaps, is the prospect of sharing the constitutional offices with the GOP. Poizner is in. The LG race is close. Bowen didn't seem to get much party love. Geography has a lot to do with things as they stand right now - with vote heavy SoCal counties physically further from the Secretary of State, it takes longer to get those meaty chunks of data processed.

Schwarzenegger just happened to have a ready made retrospective of Arnie's greatest hits - it may be funnier than it plays via remote relay on the local news, but it started with the line "It was a time of gray skies." Oh barf.

As a side note: I'm switching between local coverage and national coverage on MSNBC. Though I missed whatever event prompted the comment, Chris Matthews just went off about candidates yelling at "the American People: - I guess Hillary was shouting over crowds, which, when mic-ed, comes off pretty bad when directly fed to television cameras. Like that Howard Dean thing, recall? What bothers me is that they - the TV people like Matthews - could easily educate the public on the practical realities of television science. But they won't. The alternative - advance staff could figure it the F out and adjust accordingly. I suppose it would be asking too much for either to change.

All these short takes on the events tonight probably make it pretty clear why I don't often spend election nights alone. It's akin to football fans sitting solo on Superbowl Sunday.

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