Friday, November 17, 2006

21-Year-Old Model Starves To Death

Here's the English-language story of the Brazilian model who died for her work. The photos there don't really imply a problem.

At least, not a problem like this. No really - I can hardly believe this is a real image. What photographer shoots a girl like this?


Anonymous said...

Forget the photographer, what designer hires her to model their clothes? Who can pay attention to what she is wearing when so creeped out by her body. Creepies, Mudhead!

doughnut70 said...

The problems with anorexia are getting worse and worse and it's just getting sickening. I recently wrote a letter to the one of the corporate muckety mucks at Barnes and Noble who I had a nodding acquaintanceship with complaining about how the few books they have in stock dealing with the subject are in the same section of my local store as their diet books. I am still amazed that we have all gotten so isolated from each other that we either don't realize just how serious problems like this are or become so cold and unfeeling (like the Photographer) that we just ignore other peoples problems.