Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ugly Betty, Uglier Music

I'd like this show 100% more if they ditched the Housewives soundtrack - I hate that other show, no need to be reminded of it with a set of hit-em-over-the-head-obvious musical cues.

And yes, I understand the melodramatic source material, but no, that's not a viable excuse here.

And, just in case you hadn't had your fill of The Devil Wears Panchos, you'll get an explanation of "The Book" in this ep.

And, one more thing: the British invasion continues - UK's Dawn plays an E!-ish Reporter. Cheerio.

On second thought: The music might not matter. The storyline tonight is tedious. That might be an understatement. Nothing that has happened so far couldn't have easily fit into a half-hour sitcom. On the Disney Channel, it'd be fun. On network TV - crap, it's boring. Too bad. America Ferrera is wonderful. Okay, start by easing of the music and maybe I'll give it another week for her.


Anonymous said...

I took your suggestion and watched the ep online and I still like the show...the premise was wildly unrealistic (she would have been FIRED immediately or she should have lied or made Gina give her the book back), but I still liked it...

jvgordon said...

I think a related question is which show has the best music. I nominate Grey's Anatomy. Note that for others who might nominate The OC, the music for both is chosen by the same person, who picks slightly different music for the different audiences. Personally, I would really love to meet her (her name escapes me at the moment) and just thank her for her great work.