Sunday, October 01, 2006

The TV Report

Don't count NBC out quite yet. The once supreme now struggling network scored a win for the meta-happy critics everywhere this evening as they brilliantly executed a high-brow comedic stunt that embodied the kind of corporate synergy tying together expansive network products.

See if you can follow: NBC's uber-hyped, prodigal-drama-returneth Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip this week featured a scene in which writers at the stuggling, fictionalized show-with-in-a-show throwing out clunker after clunker to knew head honchos Matt and Danny. President Bush blah blah, government blah blah, cigar, whatever. Each fell flatter than, uh, anything really, really flat.

So tonight, SNL ran skits with practically the same material! Terrible, unfunny. That Dane Cook guy - the one who isn't funny but I bet has a mySpace page and a million "friends?" He sucked! See what NBC is doing? They're using SNL as a "metaphor" for the drama on Studio 60. NBC has taken cross-over gimmicks to the next level. This is paradigm changing television here. Woo, NBC, I didn't know you had it in you.

What? Oh, it wasn't? Huh. Go figure.

But Brian Williams was funny. Hire that guy why don't you.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Dane Cook SUCKED on Saturday Night Live, but his double CD, Retaliation, is SO'd be doing yourself a major disservice if you wrote him off without listening to that CD, I swear!