Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peculiar Northern Issues

Next year, our Daylight Savings Time will start earlier in the year and end later. In England, where summer time starts a bit earlier than has ours to this point, there are renewed calls for keeping the +1 summer schedule throughout the year, and raising that to a +2 in the summer months.

The Scots, as usual, hate the English idea. They are so far up that what would add some daylight to school kids' homeward commute would keep their kids in the dark during the morning. Latitude's a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Britain should go back to ye olde system of different time Zones in every village.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, many of my countrymen would distrust anything proposed by "The Bastard English" mind you, the history of summer time is awfully convoluted, apparently Ben Franklin first proposed the idea while on a colossal bender in Paris, presumably to allow him more time to recover from his hangovers.

However, the real villains of the piece seem to be the Germans who brought it in to boost productivity and generally help the war effort during the First World War, closely followed by just about everyone else

Anonymous said...

Down in Arizona, the American Indian reservations use DST, but the other areas do not.

As my dad's cousin explained to him, they don't want another hour of hot sun.